The saga continues for Tory Lanez now that he's finally speaking out on his side of the story regarding the July shooting incident involving Megan Thee Stallion. We recently received Tory's 17-track album Daystar where the singer-rapper made quite a few revelations. According to Tory, he isn't the person responsible for injuring Megan Thee Stallion and he accused the Houston rapper and her team of trying to set him up to take the fall. He also spoke about his romance with Meg and added that he was hurt by his famous friends who abandoned him. 

Lanez was also criticized for releasing his album the day after the Breonna Taylor indictment was announced, but he clarified his decision, saying that September 25 is his mother's birthday and the day she passed away. The Canadian artist returned to social media on Tuesday (September 29) with a few more thoughts, and this time he was calling out the alleged "smear campaign" against him.

On his Instagram Story, Tory Lanez wrote: "I don't move on social media's time . I move on Gods time . I don't operate in fear , I operate in FAITH  . I don't bow down to the lies of man . I stick with the TRUTH of god . And for those reasons . It doesn't matter who rises against me in this hour and small season . BIG OR SMALL OBSTACLE .... I will PREVAILS and RISE to GREATNESS . As GOS SAID I WILL ."

In another post, he shared multiple screenshots from various news sources including ComplexHigh Snobiety, Vulture, and Blavity. "I've never seen verified publications ... come together with "biased" opinions for a smear campaign on an artist," he wrote. "However I still have love for each and everyone of you who continue to choose money over truth. My heart and character doesn't change because yours does." 

He added, "I wonder who's paying y'all?!?" Do you think sites aree being paid off to speak negatively about Tory Lanez?

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