Tory Lanez's new mixtape Chixtape 5 finally arrived and while the 18-track offering is still being streamed by fans everywhere, Tory has come through with an announcement that will surely get his fans jumpin' even more. The "Jerry Sprunger" rapper shared a video to his Instagram feed that sees him and son announcing official merchandise based on his latest release. 

Rich Fury/Getty Images

That's not the only good news, though. The fan who purchases the most merchandise will get a personalized shoutout by Tory. We're unsure if his son will join in on the personalized video but it's worth a shot if you have that kind of coin to spend. "Go to SHOPTORYLANEZ.COM ... Who Ever buys the most merch at the end of today and tomorrow we will do a personal shout out vid from me to u On my gram ... GO NOW," he captioned the clip. 

"2000 -2006 ... I want to personally thank these 6 years for being the MAIN INSPIRATION to the SAMPLES and NOSTALGIA used on #Chixtape5," Tory recently said of his new album. "I have never went this hard on the PRODUCTION of any of my albums .. really hope y’all enjoy what I have had the honor of enjoying for the last 8 months."