Joseline Hernandez is well-known for her roles on a number of reality TV shows. From Love & Hip-Hop to her Joseline Takes Miami gig, the model and actress has been busy and we all know how swamped Tory Lanez has been recently. The man is working on two albums simultaneously as we await the arrival of Love Me Now and El Agua. Somehow, between recording, touring and making sure the projects are to his liking, Lanez has found time to seemingly develop a relationship with Joseline. The two posted up by the pool in a NSFW photo the other day and although it was unclear if the shot was planned for an upcoming video or business endeavor, the two may have just confirmed their relationship to the world.

The Canadian artist has been quiet on social media as his Instagram remains spot-free but the "Puerto Rican Princess" has been doing enough talking for the both of them. Stevie J's ex sat with Lanez outside as they sipped from two glasses of wine. The pair laughs while another sentiment is displayed within the caption. Hernandez wrote, "Have an amazing tour Lion king! 21 days 😪😪😪." Whatever is going on between them, they seem to definitely be enjoying each other's company. 

The first photo was a little more risqué than this one but all signs are pointing to a romantic bond between the two.