Tory Lanez is currently facing the possibility of some serious jail time, but the Canadian rapper appears entirely unfazed, even amidst the swirling negativity surrounding his name. And while he only recently dropped off a new project in Daystar, the circumstances surrounding its release made it occasionally feel closer to a statement than a traditional album. Be that as it may, many of his fans have been standing behind him, bumping his latest release in a gesture of support while the rapper moves to regain his traction

Tory Lanez

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Though it's unclear whether Tory is planning to carry on business-as-usual, it's clear that he's been sitting on a few heaters in the stash -- including one unreleased banger with Quavo, a track he recently previewed during an Instagram Live session. Fans can only speculate as to whether Huncho connected with Tory before or after the incident with Megan Thee Stallion, but it seems as if Tory intends on moving forward with the song's release all the same. He goes so far as to name Quavo "the GOAT," which could very well indicate loyalty from the Migos rapper; in fact, Quavo actually reposted Tory's story, so read into that however you will.

Of course, it's impossible to ignore the elephant in the room whenever Tory goes to preview new music. Many have already responded negatively to the snippet, though the chorus of boo-birds has been matched in intensity by the Lanez disciples. It's unlikely that Tory Lanez's image will be able to fully recover from whatever went down on that fateful night, but it does seem likely that he'll continue to trudge forward regardless, releasing new music as he sees fit. Look for this upcoming Quavo collaboration to arrive in the near future -- will you be checking it out?