At this rate, it's impossible to have missed out on Tory Lanez's ongoing Instagram Live series Quarantine Radiowhich has become something of an antics-fueled phenomenon of late. Raking in massive audiences due to its hilarious mix of twerking, playfully obnoxious commentary, and inevitable celebrity cameos, it's no wonder Lanez has used the opportunity as a means to promote his brand new album The New Toronto 3. 

And what a tactic it was, manifesting into an impressive first-week tally ranging from between 60k-70k in album-equivalent units, a number that could grow as the stats fluctuate. In any other week, such a strong release would have surely clinched the number one spot on the Billboard charts -- enter The Weeknd, whose recent After Hours project continues to build momentum and threaten any claimant daring to come for its throne.

Even though Tory has proven himself to be one of the quarantine's biggest MVP's, it would appear the enduring mystique of his fellow Torontonian remains formidable even weeks removed from his initial release. And while it's not all about landing at number one, it would certainly be nice to see Lanez secure his first-ever top placement, especially after he's been carrying things on his back amidst this seemingly endless quarantine state. One thing is for sure, however -- no matter how you spin it, the real winner here is the city of Toronto.