Christmas is a holiday about family, capitalism, and the spirit of giving. What do rappers want for Christmas?

We asked 15 artists to share what's at the top of their Christmas list, whether it be material or immaterial. See what they had to say below.


Tory Lanez

"Being recognized as the best artist in the world."

A$AP Ferg

"A rare Rolex watch is on my Christmas list. A Rolex you won't see anyone but the Trap Lord with."

Nyck Caution

"A worthy competitor in 2k."


"This Christmas I wish to be casted in this Film directed by Nabil Elderkin I just auditioned for! I read the whole script and I'm anxious to flex my Thespian muscle."

Riff Raff

"2 million dollars, a codeine colored Lambo, and a platinum album."

Jahlil Beats

"The only thing on my Christmas list is to spend Christmas day with my kids. This industry is very busy and i'm always on the road, weather it's DJ'ing or in the studio working. I just wanna relax, chill with my youngins and watch them open their presents. Couldn't ask for more."

Juicy J

"20 pounds of Green Suicide and a bottle of Henny!”

CJ Fly

"I don't care for pagan holidays, but if y'all insist on getting me gifts, a new camera and mic would be dope."

Denzel Curry

"The strength to evolve & grow as a person and in my craft, nothing materialistic. Outside of my own personal wishes i'd have to say World Peace."


Drew: "A chihuahua."

Dante: "Apple watch Series 2. The first Apple watch was just okay, but the new one looks fire. It's got GPS and better heart rate monitoring. I'm a pristine athlete, likely the fastest man in urban music and this would take my training to the next level."

Ace Hood

"Just really looking forward to spending time with my amazing children and family, their happiness is my gift."

Jazz Cartier

"I have everything that I want right now. Only thing I would wish for is to be with my family and to have Teyana Taylor perform 'Christmas in Harlem' for me on Christmas."


"I'd like my gold and platinum plaque for 'Uber Everywhere' to come in time so I can roll up on 'em."

Sonny Digital

"Nothing. I make sure I’m straight all year ‘round."