Over the years, there have been plenty of artists who have compared themselves to Tupac Shakur. The young rapper has gone down in hip hop history as a poet, innovator, social activist, and rap icon. He was only 25-years-old when he was gunned down in Las Vegas following attending a Mike Tyson bout, and because his life was cut short, the world will never know his full potential. A quote attributed to the late rapper caught the attention of Tory Lanez who said that he and Tupac are more alike than people think.

Tory Lanez, Tupac Shakur
Gregory Shamus / Staff / Getty Images

"I feel like honestly, and n*ggas is gon' be like, 'Yo, you're bugging,' but I feel like—remember when Pac was like, 'I may not change the world, but I can spark the idea in the brain of the person who will?'" Tory told For the Record. "I feel like, deadass, like that 'spark' was me, my n*gga. I feel like there's a lot of similarities between me and Pac. Not saying like, I'm Pac. I hate when n*ggas say that. I'm not trying [to be him.] I'm me, my n*gga, but I do love Pac and I do feel like there were similarities in the fact that when you really think about it, I say whatever the f*ck I want to say. N*ggas hate me for that. Or they love me for it. I move how I want to move. I really punch your f*ckin; face off in real life. It's been proven. This is a proven fact."

"I'm really just me, but I'm a happy guy," he continued. "I don't portray to be the most f*ckin' gangster n*gga. I get love everywhere I go because I show love everywhere I go." He said that their "bluntness" is a character trait that both he and Tupac emulate which makes them alike. Check out Genius's interview with Tory Lanez below and peep his comments about Tupac around the 28-minute mark.