Tory Lanez is one of the biggest artists in the world right now which means he has a massive platform to enact some change. These platforms are more important than ever right now in light of the recent protests going on across the United States. Protests began following the police killing of George Floyd and now, people of all races are looking to stand up against white supremacy and police brutality.

Yesterday, Lanez was seen marching in Miami, and today, he took to Twitter with a strong message for all of his peers who won't speak up. As he explains, rich people need to realize that the poor and middle class are being killed by cops every day and that it is up to those with a voice to speak up and try to change things for the better.

"N****s wanna cry about protecting these businesses of these huge brands and cooperations from looting... AS IF THESE STORES DONT GOT INSURANCE TO GET ALL THAT SHIT BACK !!!! I don’t condone looting. But the people gone do what they feel is right," Lanez wrote.

Tory also went on to say that he plans on marching again today and that he won't stop using his voice. Needless to say, Tory has his people's back and wants to make a real difference in the streets.