Tory Lanez On First Son, "I Told You" Vs. Sophomore, Industry Plants & More

Rose Lilah
August 14, 2017 15:08

Tory Lanez sits down for a 40-minute conversation with HNHH.

On Friday we teased our full interview with Tory Lanez by releasing a short clip where the rapper divulged some minute details about his highly anticipated sophomore effort. As promised, here's the full interview, which we've very lightly edited for clean-up and clarity, but for all intents and purposes, you're getting the unabridged full interview, which also provides you with a few more details about that sophomore effort.

Our meet-up with Fargo happened almost a year since the rappa-slash-sanga released his debut, I Told You, and thus it was the perfect time for some reflection on the past year, which was unsurprisingly, eventful. However the most significant event would have to be the birth of Tory's son, Kai...which happened to coincide with another significant event, at least in the news cycle (the birth of Kai went slightly less noticed in media fodder).

"He’s OD cute, thats definitely my son," Tory Lanez tells us at the outset of the interview, when asked about the ups and downs of the past year-- we'd say that's an UP. "What’s special about him though, and what a lot of people don’t know... the situation of my getting locked up with the whole confusion of that. You know that whole little time or whatever. What people don’t understand is actually, the day my son was born was the day I got locked. April 12th. I was coming out of the hospital, I was leaving the parking lot, I didn’t even get out of the parking lot, and the cops was already plotting on my from the night before. But that’s something special about the day he was born. I'll always remember it."

What about the baby moms? While we don't know who she is, Tory assures us they're co-parenting. "Yea I'm on good terms with every girl who’s ever been in my life but my baby moms I'm never on no bad terms. I'm not one of those child support.. You know situations. We’ve got a good understanding of what’s going on."

Tory touches on I Told You a few times during the 40-minute conversation, but perhaps most interestingly, he reveals that post-I Told You he's back wit the ruler-lined, black notebook. We'll have to wait and see hear how this plays out on the sophomore effort-- but it's definitely a good sign for all the fans of Tory's #bars.

"It’s cool," Tory says while thinking about I Told You. "It’s always gonna be a very important part of my whole collection, and  I love that album to the death because of how it is. I don’t care how people feel about “you did this many skits and you did…” I could give five fucks, but my thing is, I'm glad at what that album was. But, that album [I Told You] is not the second album. You know, it’s a lot more music. There’s a lot more collaborative efforts done. There’s features this time around. There’s producers that I didn't work with before that I'm working with now. It’s just things that are very different. I started writing again, like writing down. I got my composition book. I got that back with the college rule lines on it. That’s when I'm on my A+ game."

He adds shortly after, "I got into typing on the phone and all that, it kind of took me away from like really spitting. It’s actually crazy because, I rap differently when I write it on paper."

As the interview progresses, we delve a bit further into industry politics -- I introduce Tory to the term "industry plant" before discussing his take on the idea, and we also hear about Tory's progression and relationship with his manager, Sascha (shout out my dude Sasch!), and whether or not Tory has ever felt like an industry outsider -- which was something I observed and wanted to ask his take on, at least from his own perspective. 

"Honestly to be a buck with you, I don’t give a fuck how niggas get into the game," Tory says when I explain the idea of an "industry plant." He continues, "If your shit is fire your shit is fire, I don’t give a fuck if the industry put the machine behind you, or you and you were independent first or if you saying you was independent this whole time and really you had the machine behind you, or whatever the case is. If you shit is fire your shit is fire, at the end of the day. More power to the fact that you got here, because it's a lot of us that are dying before we get here, or we just not getting here. So it’s like, more power to whoever gets here."

Do you agree with that sentiment? Onwards from industry plants, we move to industry outsiders: 

"You know what it is," Tory says in response, "It’s like when you go to a new school, and everybody is like, that guy is kind of cool, and it’s like they want to chill with you, but they’re like I gotta feel him out a little bit more though, because I don’t want to be the first guy to just stamp him and say he’s cool and then he fucks up." 

He adds a bit later, "I was always in the scene though, the thing about it is people always fucked with me behind the doors. Remember I was the guy with the songs, I was always the guy with the songs so you couldn't just be like fuck that guy, because at the end of the day you’d be like fuck that guy, and I'd walk in your session and I'd play you like five fire records that I knew catered specifically to you. That I made that morning, for you, for your session."

Watch the full interview above. Incase you don't make it to the very end, we'll leave you with this: Tory says to expect the second album roll out to begin as soon as a week's time.

Shot by: @DJDeleon

Interview by: @roselilahhshit

Edited by: @loagaze 

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