The #MeToo movement made a massive impact on the film industry, but many were wondering when it would hit the music industry. Over the past few days since the airing of Surviving R. Kellymore sexual assault survivors have been telling their story about the experiences they've had with men in the music industry. Yesterday, a woman on Twitter came forward with a story accusing Chicago's Towkio of raping her in February 2016. He's since denied the allegations in a statement.

Towkio took to Twitter to issue a statement regarding the allegations of rape he's facing. The Save Money rapper shared a screenshot of a Note he wrote out, stating that he and the alleged victim were in a "consensual sexual relationship dating back to 2014 which even included women." He stated that the part about the women was to provide context, not to victim shame

"It is of the utmost importance to me that she and the entire world know with 100% certainty and my hand to God that I would never engage in any intercourse with any women without full consent," he said. "While I absolutely deny these allegations, I feel awful that I would be a source of pain for her. It is my hope that her and I can engage in a dialogue in a place where she feels comfortable to discuss our relationship and her feelings."

Towkio faced a backlash in his mentions for the response. Some people called him out for choosing to state their relationship involved other women. A few other fans dug up old tweets from 2011 of the rapper stating, "We low-key rape women."