New reports by Variety confirm that Toy Story 4 is on a continuous winning streak at the box office. According to the news platform, the Disney Pixar sequel brought it another $17 million dollars in ticket sales this past Friday. The latter resulted in a decisive victory over the weekend debuts of Annabelle Comes Homeand Yesterday. After clocking in a total of $118 million dollars in it's opening weekend last week and more than $167 million in its first six days, Toy Story 4 continues to kill the domestic box office with an estimated $55.9 million dollars in sales for its second weekend. These numbers are placing Toy Story 4 slightly behind Toy Story 3 which took in about $59 million dollars in its sophomore weekend.

Annabelle Comes Home was not so lucky with the box office and took home $6.6 million dollars in Friday ticket sales for an estimated $19.2 million dollars in three days and $30 million dollars for the week in total. The film, which debuted on Wednesday, is considered to be the Conjuring franchise's worst opening ever. That is considering Annabelle: Creation held the title with a $35 million three-day opening back in 2017. The film is the third movie about the infamous possessed doll and the seventh entry of the Conjuring universe.