The new ToyStory will apparently also be the last. Whether that means an Elton John-style farewell tour or a proper finale is still unclear, but the stops look like they're being pulled out for the new film. The plot will continue where the last movie left off, with the usual toy crew being passed down to a new kid, Bonnie, after Andy outgrew them. Although the inciting incident is as of yet unclear, the one main plot detail we have is that the toys will go on their last adventure in an amusement park. Importantly, the outing will be rounded out with new additions to the squad.

There are of course the series' mainstays, but there will also be Keanu Reeves, who was surprisingly cast and apparently "has got a great part." There's also Jordan Peele, who will be taking a break from making horror movies to reunite with Keegan-Michael Key, his cast-mate from Mad TV and his collaborator on Key & Peele. They'll be playing the characters Ducky and Bunny, who you can be sure will be bickering from start to finish in the new film:

Not to be outdone will be Tony Hale (Buster from Arrested Development) who will be playing Forky. He looks exactly like his name sounds. You can bet that he'll be the character to incite the usual question of the Toy Story films, namely, "what does it mean to be a toy?"