It's common knowledge now that T.I. and his wife Tiny are separated and they're seemingly doing all they can to get back on good terms. Tiny's good friend Toya Wright has stepped in to chat with Tip, trying to level with the rapper about what's really going on. In the clip below, from the Harris reality series Family Hustle, Toya meets Tip at a nearby coffee shop where the rapper makes it clear that she's only hearing one side of the story.

Toya brings up the video that surfaced earlier in the year that saw Tip getting mad close with a woman backstage. "Well that was unfortunate, I'm not proud. My flesh is weak, true enough and that's an everyday struggle man, you know," he responded. Toya then reminds T.I. of what he was like back in the day, more specifically how he treated Tiny detailing how he was "the man that took" his girl everywhere. According to Toya, Tiny feels like T.I. doesn't want her around as much and that's what hurts. 

Later on, Toya calls Tip out for the way he invited Tiny on an anniversary vacation. Watch the clip below.