Trae Young has been one of the most popular players in the NBA as of late and it's easy to see why. In just his sophomore season, Young has put up some impressive numbers and continues to be one of the best young guns in the league. Not to mention, he plays in Atlanta which has become a huge hub of culture over the past decade. With this in mind, it's clear as day as to why Young has been getting so much attention. Unfortunately for him, players have become aware of his moves and are doing anything to stop them.

A great example of this was the other night when Trevor Ariza bodychecked Young. Young was attempting his signature nutmeg move and as Young put the ball through Ariza's legs, the latter performed a huge hit. Since then, Young has been asked if he will stop nutmegging and to no one's surprise, he's going to keep pushing forward. On Twitter, Young sent a message to the haters who want to see him stop.

"Just close your legs," Young wrote. Truly words we can all live by. In all seriousness, players should know what time it is by now when they see Young coming down the court. If you give him space, he's going to make you look like a fool and the fans are going to keep loving it.

We're just happy he's not backing down, regardless of the physical punishment he may face in the future.