Tens of thousands of dollars was scammed from over 45 women who booked their travel and accommodation through Nakesia Washington to attend Essence Festival 2018. According to WSDU, police in Jefferson Parish, Louisianna are investigating OBL Travel L.L.C. after numerous reports of the scam was published to The Better Business Bureau.

The publication says losses have been valued at $80,000. “We expect the number of cases and the monetary losses to grow as additional cases come in,” Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesman Lt. Jason Rivarde said. One woman named Kerry Gouff explained how she was forced to cough up $1,200 after she arrived at a hotel that was supposed to be booked for her and her group where she already paid $1,000. “We were looking forward to a great time booked some travel and things didn’t go as planned,” she said. 

Essence Festival is an annual celebration in New Orleans dubbed "the party with a purpose" that's based on the magazine of the same name primarily towards African-American women.

Nakesia has reportedly been arrested and charged for theft of more than $25,000, theft valued between $5,000 and $24,999, and two counts of computer fraud.