The Palms Casino Resort is planning quite the extravaganza for the opening weekend of its brand new KAOS venture. The hotel conglomerate described its KAOS club as the apex experience for lovers of the high stakes club-goers. To be precise they called it "a spectacular new entertainment experience consisting of a fully integrated 73,000 square foot dayclub and 29,000 square foot nightclub, which will completely redefine the daylife and nightlife experience in Las Vegas," in a written statement issued to the press.

The notion of a "dayclub" or "daylife" might seem farfetched to the average consumer, but Las Vegas is, after all, 100% strewn together in that capacity: nonstop stimulation. In Las Vegas, business propositions need to be fun and profitable, in order to gain sustenance. A majority of Las Vegas residents are either loan sharks, concert promoters, or hospitality experts, which is why KAOS has gone to great lengths to incorporate every strata of Sinfulness in their day-to-night operations.

To mark KAOS' unveiling on the weekend of April 5-7, The Palms Casino Resort has arranged for a medley of performing acts to help inaugurate the venue, as it lumbers towards the many A-list residencies it aims to accommodate in not-so-distant future. This is how the itinerary is shaping up thus far, barring the inclusion of "special guest performances" on April 7th, which haven't been announced.

Friday, April 5

Pearl – An intimate evening with Alicia Keys

KAOS Nightclub – Travis Scott and Skrillex

Saturday, April 6

KAOS Nightclub – Cardi B, G-Eazy, and J Balvin