Social media can give off false appearances. For instance, the people who are never posting about their significant others may be in the happiest of relationships. Or, those flexing massive amounts of money might actually be pretty broke. 

Sometimes, things aren't as they seem. However, with the way Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are looking in their new pictures, many of their fans believe they've gotten back together.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

For the last year, we've been hearing rumblings of a low-key reconciliation between Travis and Kylie but the former couple had never confirmed those talks. In interviews, Kylie has said that she will always have love for Travis as they co-parent their baby Stormi. While she may love the rapper, she may not be in love with him. 

This weekend, the two celebrities shook things up when they uploaded a couple of images that point to them definitely being a couple again.

Rocking some new pieces from the upcoming Givenchy collection, the power couple modeled the goods and got pretty steamy. Unsurprisingly, neither of them made reference to their out-of-left-field reunion, which was unexpected to basically everybody.

A day after it was posted, the picture has nearly 13.5 million likes, and Travis' cryptic comment has about 74,000 comments.

Do you think this is enough for people to start the rumor mill back up?