After alerting the masses that their collaborative single would be hitting streaming services on Thursday, Rosalía and Travis Scott have shared a brief snippet of what to expect. On Monday, Rosalía shared a photo of the track's cover art to her Instagram—a simple image that shows herself and Travis Scott leaning on one another. As the nights are warming up, we're inching closer to summer and this quarantine being lifted, so "TKN" is shaping up to be the introduction to the new season that everyone didn't know they needed.

Not only did fans receive a brief bit of the pop jam, but Rosalía also gave the world a sneak peek into the visual. It's unclear if the music video will drop alongside the single or sometime later, but after getting a quick look, both the singer and Travis's fans stormed their social media accounts in excited anticipation.

While we don't get to hear much of what the song will sound like, listeners know for sure that Travis Scott will put his Spanish on full display. In the snippet, he gives a taste of his bilingual skills in action, so this will be an interesting collaboration, to say the least. Check out the teaser of Rosalía and Travis Scott's single "TKN" below.