Travis Scott has been teasing us with "Highest In The Room" for months. He first debuted the song at Rolling Loud Miami back in May. Since then, he has tucked it into his setlist several times and videos of the performances online show crowds going absolutely wild for it. The song has a repetitive, infectious chorus chorus, so it's not too difficult for people to sing along when Travis plays it.

"Highest In The Room" has been covered by enough publications, been retweeted enough times and experienced enough leaks, that when it finally drops on October 4, it'll likely skyrocket. People are waiting to run up those streams. The song is undergoing the same phenomenon as Playboi Carti's "Pissy Pamper," alternatively known as "Kid Cudi." Carti's song leaked earlier this summer and, while it still awaits an official release, people know all the words when he performs it at his concerts.

The fact that Lil Baby is featured on "Highest In The Room" will only help it gain more traction. Lil Baby's verse was previewed by Travis during a DJ set at the beginning of this month. Travis shared three alternative covers for the single on Instagram, all featuring a somewhat psychedelic aesthetic. If you're already confident that you're going to love the song, you can now pre-order copies of "Highest In The Room" on 7" vinyl, cassette or CD via Travis' website.