While fans have been waiting on Travis Scott to deliver his brand new project called UTOPIA, it seems like the artist has decided to go off and try some new hobbies, as a way to clear his head throughout the recording process. Considering it is the winter, there is no better time than now to take up Winter sports, and that is exactly what Travis has decided to do. 

In a new clip posted to Twitter by SAINT, Travis can be seen making his way down the slopes, and based on the way he's moving, it seems like he is a natural talent. On his way down the hill, Travis is seen moving from right to left all while keeping his balance and coming to a perfect stop.

If you're a veteran snowboarder, this isn't exactly impressive although considering Travis is from a place like Houston, which doesn't really get any snow, his effort is fairly admirable.

It also seems like Travis is enjoying this brand new hobby, as he took to his Instagram page with a photo of him going off a cliff. Perhaps an appearance at the X Game could be in Travis Scott's future.