Travis Scott has some of the most loyal fans in the world and rightfully so. The rapper maintains a pretty good relationship with his fans whether it be during concerts and handing out some of his own personal belongings or interacting with them on social media. He's always willing to give fans a helping hand in whatever way he can. Last night, a fan reached out to him for his blessing to use the artwork for Rodeo on a debit card and Travis Scott one up'd him on the offer.

Travis Scott gave a fan his blessing to use the artwork for his debut album Rodeo on a custom made debit card. The fan reached out on Twitter after the bank told him he would need the permission of Scott. While it typically seems unlikely that Travis Scott wouldn't see a tweet in his mentions since he probably receive hundreds every minute, he took a shot. Travis Scott responded, "Yep @Visa@WellsFargo make it happen for this kid."

That wasn't the end of it, though. Travis Scott followed that tweet and offered to put some money in the fan's bank account under the condition that he's in school.

"If they get this done I put some bread in there for u this summer. But u gotta be in school or something kiddo," he wrote.

The fan, clearly ecstatic, confirmed that he just finished his first year of college and shared a screenshot of his request for the debit card. There's definitely perks to being a Travis Scott die-hard.