Rolling Stone went with Travis Scott as the cover star for its upcoming issue, with an eye on two issues in particular: his thoughts on Kanye West in the dystopian Trump era, and the manner of which he balances his career with his high profile relationship and father duties. The cover story, written by RS resident Jonah Weiner, goes on to describe his deep-seated concerns for his brother-in-law, starting with the G.O.O.D. Music CEOs responsibility to his children, Saint, North, and Chicago.

"I mean, shit, I'd tell him, 'Bro, chill. What you gotta understand is, young black kids are looking up to you, and the message you used to preach in your earlier music? It'll make a young black kid—it'll make any kid —confused,'" Scott tells Rolling Stone. "That shit was — come on. But when Ye get on some shit, he on some shit. I don't know if that n***a just liked the hat or what, dog. Ye deals with different shit in his life. That's family."

Further down in the text, Travis Scott reiterates his desire to support Kanye through hell and high water. "You don’t wanna desert your bro. Everybody go through shit," he added. "He still a dope musician. But he's definitely hit me up about it, and I've told him, 'Man, you got kids looking up to you, feel me?'" Who would have pegged Travis Scott as the type to give parental advice in late-2018? Not me!

Check out the full editorial right here.