Famous for his wild and crazy live shows, Travis Scott nonetheless came under fire for that reputation, after a man in New York City sued the rapper for a fall that left the fan partially paralyzed. According to our previous report, Kyle Green, was supposedly shoved off of the balcony at a Travis show in the NYC area, leaving him with significant and permanent injuries. “I fell and hit the floor. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by security guards," Green said. “Travis Scott was yelling at his security guards to bring me to the stage." This particular fan also received a massive ring from Scott after falling, a moment that went viral shortly thereafter. Green also said that the show was "packed in like sardines" and, in an environment where it was allegedly difficult to breathe, Scott was encouraging fans to jump from the balcony and into the crowd. 

Today, the case has taken a turn for the bizarre, with TMZ reporting that Green's mother is siding with Scott, disputing her son's claim that the "Butterfly Effect" rapper is responsible for her son's action during the show. In an email exchange with the rapper after the incident took place, Green's mother said that she "does not hold either of [them] accountable," meaning Travis or those who carried him to the stage, and "[Green] will not take any legal action against either of you." Later on in the email, she praised how the rapper dealt with the situation in the heat of the moment, adding: "I would never punish someone who was trying to help my son. Kyle has said that he will never forget your kindness and encouragement during that terrifying time."

There's no word on whether or not this email, now that its contents have been made public, will change Green's approach in the litigation process, but it definitely should give Scott's side of the story some strength. As for actual proof of whether or not Travis encouraged attendees to jump, in a video from the same TMZ report, you never once hear anything to that effect being said by the emcee. Listen and watch for yourself below.