Travis Scott isn't generally one of the most active musicians on social media. He updates his page with obscure shots from time to time, showing off just how crazy his crowds can get and showing love to his family. Right now, the young man is on vacation in Europe with his girlfriend Kylie Jenner and her family, celebrating the self-made billionaire's twenty-second birthday on a mega-yacht. During his Italian adventure, the rapper has been spamming fans with new content on his social media profiles, switching up his norm entirely. In the last eighteen days, La Flame has uploaded eighteen different compositions to Instagram and his latest is the sauciest yet.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Many of his posts have been blurry and non-distinct. In fact, it's difficult to even tell what Trav is trying to do right now. One thing is for sure though: he was feeling himself this morning and decided to come through strong with a thirst trap for the ladies. The rap superstar took off his shirt and posed in the mirror, blocking his face (typical...) with his phone and flexing his abdomen. His tattoos are on full display and it seems like the recording artist is just as unsure about his own content as you or I. He captioned this one, "Woo. 0."

Alright there, Travis. Regardless of what he's pulling off right now, we've got to say it's nice for the Houston native to have a wider social presence than usual.