A big disappointment was afoot for New York sports fans his past weekend, when the Yankees say their overachieving season come to an end by losing Game 7 of the ALCS to the Houston Astros. After getting toppled 4-0, many Bronx Bombers supporters took to Twitter to vent their frustration with being so close and and yet so far from playoff glory. One high-profile Big Apple resident who fell into this category was The Kid Mero, who is one half of the popular Viceland TV duo Desus & Mero. He was definitely feeling a certain way about the Yankees' loss, resulting in tweets such as this:

Other Twitter users weren't necessarily feeling Mero's response, citing the fact that the Yankees are in an advantageous financial position to remain competitive while still "rebuilding." Check out of the reaction tweets below.

One Houston-area rapper was quick to point out Mero's potential involvement in the bad karma that could have been behind the Yanks loss in the series. Travis Scott, the soon-to-be father (well, allegedly) of Kylie Jenner's baby clowned Mero for his, shall we say, emotional response to the result of that seventh game. Scott recalled a tweet that Mero sent out on October the 18th, something that may or may not have put a jinx on the boys in pinstripes.

Mero responded, saying that he was "feelin" himself and that fans, at the end of the day, are going to get worked up about this sort of thing. Meanwhile, the online host offered up an invitation for Travis to pass by the show as a guest.

Travis then hinted at his potential acceptance of that invite, saying that he planned on pulling up to the show to have a face-to-face conversation with both Desus and Mero, who have seen their stars rise (and the quality of their guests improve) in tandem with their Viceland show's growing popularity. Mero was clearly excited by this potential guest spot, hyping up the appearance with a retweet.

Are you down to see Travis Scott stop by Desus & Mero for a chat? Have your say in the comments.