Successful rappers love dishing out advice to the budding generation of new artists. Their words of wisdom are venerated and shared worldwide as blueprints on how to become the next rap superstar. 600Breezy has been in the industry for quite a few years, but the young artist is still waiting for his moment to crossover into a new level of celebrity. In a recent interview with DJ Smallz, 600Breezy shared the best career advice he'd received thus far, and the rapper said it came from Travis Scott.

"I was in the club with Travis Scott and he was basically telling me, don't let women, don't let other people like, get in the way of what I'm doing," 600Breezy said of his recent encounter with the Astroworld artist. "He told me to stay authentic and to keep pushing and keep working because like, the way my career is going right now is how his started off. And he just had to stay focused and push a lot of negative energy away from him and remain himself and just keep going until you make it to where you wanna be."

Last year, Travis and his longtime girlfriend Kylie Jenner decided to end their relationship. The co-parents have been respectful of one another's privacy, but that hasn't stopped the gossip for circulating. There have been rumors that his demanding lifestyle got in the way of their happy home, but both Travis and Kylie have kept the reason for their split under wraps. Watch 600Breezy's interview clip below.