Travis Scott's "Antidote" peaked at No. 16 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and has been certified Triple Platinum, making it the biggest record of the rapper's career. However, it wasn't all gravy when it comes to how the money for the track was divided up.

According to a new interview clip with Eestbound, one of the producers behind the beat of "Antidote," Scott had to give up 50% of the song's composer share in order to clear the sample, the Leon Michels-produced "All I Need," performed by Lee Fields & The Expressions.

"It was kind of a weird process," said Eestbound. "When Travis Scott released the song on SoundCloud, [...] we didn't even get any paperwork or anything or an email saying he's going to release it. After he released it, it was kind of an issue because, you know, the [artist] from the sample told Travis that they want 50% of the record [because] Travis didn't clear it at first."

It's worth noting that 50% is supposedly a really high number, with most publishers aiming for anywhere from 10-15%. Looks like a lack of foresight cost Travis a bunch of cash.

Watch the full interview clip below.