On Monday, Ayanna Jackson, who previously accused Tupac Shakur of rape in 1993, sat down with DJ Vlad to reveal her experience during the alleged sexual assault. And while some have applauded Jackson for speaking out over something that no doubt left emotional scars, others feel that it's in poor taste to go after the deceased. One such skeptic is Naughty By Nature rapper Treach, who happened to be a close friend of Pac; in fact, Treach believes that Jackson is simply looking to promote her upcoming book.

In a video posted by TMZ, Treach makes it clear that "he doesn't condone rape at all," but still feels some type of way about Jackson's decision to air Pac out now. "You understand? That was then—He did time for that and we know the truth," says Treach. While some parts of the video are edited out, Treach seems to respond to an unknown question by saying "why you think? Cause she might have a book? She has to renew her thirst card to be relevant again 'cause her 15 minutes of fame ran out 20 years ago. Why would you wanna do that? Why you wanna do that? 'Cause you're thirsty."

He continues, showing no signs of letting up. "She gon' try to write a book to defame somebody name that's not here to defend himself, when you already know that you been had relationships with him," says Treach. "And when you wanna extort him, and he just cut you off—you wanna say he took something." Check out the video below.