Trevor Noah is in the news for a second time in a week after an old joke he made resurfaced online. It seems like no one is safe from the jokes and comments of their past, as Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn was fired by Disney after jokes he made years and years ago were dragged into the spotlight. Noah, on the other hand, was slammed last week after stating that France's World Cup victory was more so a victory for Africans, because their team is comprised of several players from the enormous continent. 

Now, Noah is facing backlash for a joke he made about Aboriginal Australians. The joke was featured in his 2013 stand-up special It’s My Culture. A clip of the joke was shared online by Indigenous former rugby player Joe Williams, and from there it went viral. The clip has since been scrubbed from Youtube. “There’s no such thing as the most beautiful race. All women of every race can be beautiful,” Noah joked in the clip. "And I know some of you are sitting there now going, 'Oh Trevor, yeah, but I've never seen a beautiful Aborigine,'" he continued. "It’s not always about looks, maybe Aboriginal women do special things, maybe they’ll just like, jump on top of you and be like,” he quipped before mimicking playing the didgeridoo. 

Noah has publicly acknowledged the joke, and responded to Williams' tweet that brought the clip back to life online. "@joewilliams_tew you're right. After visiting Australia's Bunjilaka museum and learning about aboriginal history first hand I vowed never to make a joke like that again," tweeted Noah. "I'll make sure the clip from 2013 is not promoted in any way."