Just a day after he went viral, Trey Songz may have confirmed that he has a new lady friend. We previously reported on the public losing it after a sex tape circulated on social media, purportedly of Trey Songz, and following the controversy, Trey seemed to egg things on. He didn't confirm or deny that it was him in the brief clip, but he did capitalize off of the moment by directing the public to his OnlyFans as his name became the talk of the town.

Trey Songz, Yasmine Lopez, DAting Rumors, Selfie, Instagram
Neilson Barnard / Staff / Getty Images

There have been plenty of beautiful women tied to Songz during his career, and recently, there have been rumors that he linked up with model Yasmine Lopez. Some have suggested that they've been working together on some sort of project, but Yasmine added fuel to the gossip fire with a post she shared this evening (February 4).

On both Instagram and Twitter, Yasmine uploaded a photo of herself in a robe with a shirtless Trey Songz standing beside her, taking their mirror photo. In the caption, she added, "It ain’t no photoshop @treysongz." Her "link in bio" addition directed her followers to her OnlyFans, so this may be strictly business. Unsurprisingly, this selfie has caused a firestorm of responses as fans attempt to decipher the true nature of their relationship. Check out her post below.

Trey Songz, Sex Tape, Yasmine Lopez