When you're as famous as Trey Songz, your mailbox is probably loaded with fan art on a regular basis. There are so many women begging to get with the R&B star so any chance they get to catch his attention is taken advantage of. The new father recently took to his social media channels to show off some of the submissions he's received and one of them is very, very, very cringe-inducing.

Not all of them were this bad. In fact, Trigga Trey also shared a photo of himself and a fan that his supporter had made and the end result was much more realistic. On the other hand, the picture in question is laughably bad. It must still be a rush to get an image like this sent to you but homegirl probably should have spiced up her Photoshop game before clicking "send." She basically pasted herself into an existing photo of Songz, showing off her booty and cuddling up to him in the street. The fan art would be cute if it looks even an ounce more realistic. Unfortunately though, there is no chance that anybody would mistake this for the real deal.

Shouts out to her for trying. At least she got noticed by Trey!