Trey Songz is constantly looking for love. His cheshire grin is impossible to deny, but it seems like he might be starting to feel bad about stealing so many dudes’ girlfriends and instead is looking for love in a more typical way: a reality TV show. Enter VH1’s new web series Tremaine The Playboy.

The show looks like a significantly more ratchet version of The Bachelor, featuring a house of 17 girls each vying for Trey Songz’ love. Thing start out nice, but pretty soon there are fights, pettiness and (of course) some late night antics involving Tremaine himself. While the formula make look like a reality TV show, the production (and… acting) suggest it might be a spoof. It’s unclear exactly how many episodes the show will run for, but you can catch them all on Watch the trailer closely and you’ll catch a few glimpses of our video host Kayla Nicole.

The web series will be hosted by Draya Michelle and Steelo Brim (of MTV’s Ridiculousness) and is part of VH1’s “14 Days of Love,” a celebration of Valentine’s Day that will feature over 200 hours of love-themed programming. Trey is also going participate in what VH1 is calling “an intense game of ‘Never Have I Ever’” with Amber Rose.

[via VH1]