Fans were shocked to learn that Trey Songz had become a father, and since sharing the news with the world, the singer has slowly, but surely, been opening up about his family. The proud father regularly shares images and videos of his one-year-old son Noah, but the protection of his little boy and the mother of his child, Caro Colon, is of the utmost importance to Trey Songz. He's used to living his life out loud and in the limelight, but Trey recognizes that not everyone in his life has asked to be scrutinized.

In a recent interview with Devin Steel over on Instagram, Trey Songz chatted about why he decided to respect Caro Colon's privacy. He knows that people are going to show him love, but the internet can be a cruel place. "It’s really a sense of letting go of the control that you have when you let yourself be that vulnerable. You know, for me, I know my fans are happy for me," Trey said. "I know that in the beginning, it was very much like, ‘Who’s the mother?’ That’s one thing I don’t like about sharing my business."

“The moment that you allow a passing comment by someone you don't know to affect you and f*ck up your whole day or have your heart, that’s when you're too far gone," he added. "And that’s one of the reasons I took a break off Instagram. Because Instagram is a place where I think people are too much in concern of what other people are doing." Watch his interview with Devin Steel in full below.