Ever since Trick Daddy's new girlfriend, Nikki Natural, made her debut on Love & Hip Hop: Miami as an aspiring rapper who is a fraction of Trick's age, she has definitely not been a fan favourite. Not only were Trick and Nikki dragged for their massive age difference, but Nikki also claimed to be celibate, which seems unlikely if a supposed discovery from Monday's episode turns out to be true. Nikki was already in very few people's good graces after getting disrespectful with Trina on an earlier episode, but now it looks like even Trick wants nothing to do with her. During an argument about the Trina incident, Trick's estranged wife, Joy Young, revealed that she had it on good authority that Nikki had previously been involved with rapper and fellow cast member, Brisco, only two weeks prior when Trick and Nikki were already seeing each other.

Though Nikki denies this claim, Trick chooses to believe the woman he's known for 20 years instead. In a rage, Trick kicks Nikki to the curb with Joy's support, seemingly signalling the end of their short-lived romance. As usual, avid L&HH viewers took to Twitter to share their reactions, practically everyone dragging Nikki.