Trick Daddy found himself in a tough spot back in January when cops pulled him over for reckless driving, and he was found to be under the influence and in possession of cocaine. TMZ has gotten ahold of the body cam footage from the cops who arrested Trick Daddy in Miami earlier this year, and the video even shows the moment that the officers found the white powdery substance believed to be cocaine in one of Trick's dollar bills.

The clip begins with the officers approaching Trick's vehicle, where he can be seen sitting in the driver's seat. Trick appears to have bloodshot eyes and a slurred speech while one of the cops questions him about his evening. He confesses to having consumed a few drinks earlier in the evening, "about 2-3 hours ago," but when the officers ask him to perform a sobriety test by attempting to walk in a straight line, he does not successfully complete it. After they handcuff him for driving under the influence, one of the officers begins counting his money, and discovers that a white powdery substance has fallen out of one of the crumpled up dollar bills. Another officer asks Trick, whose real name is Maurice Young, "what is that?" although it's clear what the officers believe it to be: cocaine residue.

He was booked into Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami, but was later released on a $6,000 bond that same day. Trick got clowned for his mugshot from the incident, but went on to reveal that he looks to be in such rough shape because he's been suffering from lupus.