Nicki Minaj has been quiet on the solo music front for the last little while, sequestering herself away in the studio and recording what she's hyping up to be some of the best work she's ever done. Besides that little nugget, which no doubt has been floated out there to ratchet up the anticipation, little to nothing is known about the actual musical content of the project. That is, until now.

Hoping on a recent segment with the crew over at Ebro in the Morning, Florida native Trina admits to having heard one of the LP's upcoming tracks and let's just say she was impressed. “I’m gonna just tell you this, I heard a record that she played for me that’s just crazy — it’s just a crazy record,” she said. Although Ebro himself pressed her for more details, she wasn't willing to give any up. However, one more interesting tidbit made its way onto the show - apparently she and Nicki have a collab cooking, potentially for the new album.

When asked if the two women are dropping a record together, Trina simply replied, “Yeah.” She did admit that they've already worked on something in the studio, but again, when pressed for more details, she brushed those questions aside. The only thing to do now is wait and hope and dream of what that team-up would ultimately sound like.

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