It's about to be the year of Diamond Princess now that Trina's sixth studio album The One is on its way. The Love & Hip Hop Miami rapper has been making boss moves since her "you don't know nann" days, but it's clear that experience has aided in evolving Trina as an artist. The Miami native recently delivered her Nicki Minaj-assisted single "BAPS," and she stopped by HOT 97 to chat with Nessa Diab about her latest track and forthcoming record.

"BAPS means Bad Ass Pretty [Sagittarius]," Trina said. "It was really fun making the record with her. I asked her to get on my album when she was working on her album, the Queen album, down in Miami. That's kind of how the whole collaboration came out. She sent me this record and then voila."

The rapper also talked about why she decided to name her album The One. "I feel like, this is my sixth album," she said. "I have have done so much and [much has] transpired, just like evolved. From five different albums and so much stuff that I've been through and I've put into all those albums, I get to the sixth album and this is like, I've given the last six years of my life to this project. That's a really long time, especially when I had hopes that it would come out three years ago. I kept recording. I kept adding new stuff, new songs, and it just kept growing and growing. Now, it's about to be summer. I'm dropping my album this year. I don't care what happens."

Fans have also watched as Trina and her boyfriend Raymond Taylor's relationship has grown over the past few years. She told Nessa that this relationship is unlike any other she's had in the past and he accepts her for who she is. "The album was done before him, most of it," she said. "He's been in the studio with me during the process like the new stuff, not all the stuff that I've done, but he knows my life. He knows my truth. The good, the bad. He knows all the stories. He knows most of the dynamics so it's nothing to hide. It's truth."

She also talked about her failed past relationships that went sour after the man did her dirty. "It is what it is," she said. "I'm not perfect. I haven't been in the best relationships. I've been hurt, went through the whole mill. He knows all that. I'm just a person...I don't name drop. I'm not gon' throw you under the bus. I'm not gon' drag you or dog you out. We're grown. We're done. It didn't work out. Keep it moving." Watch Trina drop some relationship advice and talk about her baby fever below.