The SAE racism scandal is a whirlpool, and it has now sucked in Trinidad James. Just days after the appearance of the scandal-inducing video, another video surfaced -- those frat bros' elderly house mom rapping along to James' 2013 smash hit "All Gold Everything," which prominently features the n-word. 

"I can't be as upset at that lady," he told CNN. "I'm upset at the fraternity because what they're saying is a chant that's just completely disrespectful to the black race. As far as that lady goes -- man, that's an old lady, man. Let that lady be.

"It's hard to ridicule somebody for something that you continue to use in your music. Every [hip hop] artist is using the n-word in their music -- hit records with the n-word in it. You can't be upset when somebody says it. You can't. It's hard to differentiate when you can use it. If we don't want the word used and the word holds such a negative connotation, then we shouldn't use it at all, period."

Waka Flocka Flame, who performed at the Oklahoma SAE last year and was scheduled to perform there again next month, had some choice words for the brothers of SAE.