Likely one of the most anticipated debuts of this year will be Trippie Redd's first studio album. His stock has been steadily growing over the last year and he is now viewed as a bonafide star among the younger class of rappers. His versatility appears to know no bounds with the Canton product showing off impressive range when he sings, flowing well as a rapper and even experimenting with punk elements in his music. Taking off where the late Lil Peep left off, Trippie Redd is definitely not the same but he offers a similar emotional quality to his music that many have shown to enjoy.

Previewing a brand new track on Instagram was Trippie, playing a snippet of a track titled "A Love Letter Written Backwards." Trippie sings on the track, tapping into his soul as he croons, "I'm trying to keep it together." Although his caption is concerning as he claims he does not feel loved, there are millions of people around the world bumping Trippie's music who are excited about his debut album. Luckily for them, they may not have to exactly wait a long time as, according to the post, Trippie is in full-on "album mode."

Teasing fans to the extent of their patience with previews on a weekly basis, anticipation is high for his album. We will continue to keep an eye on any updates pertaining to the work.