In case you're curious to hear just how much Trippie Redd's sound has evolved in the last five years, have a listen to the previously-unreleased music he just put out. These days, Trippie is leaving a lasting impression in his music, collaborating with some of the biggest artists and becoming a huge name in the industry. He wasn't always this big though. Trippie used to just be a kid rapping in Ohio, trying to get on and finding his sound. As evidenced in the new tape he's been advertising on his socials, his style has both improved and changed a lot over the years.

Featuring appearances from Kodie Shane, Pi'erre Bourne, and others, Trippie Redd's Old Self was uploaded to SoundCloud after the rapper wanted to give his day-one fans a little throwback. "In my bio right now is a lot of my old music I had In my email that u need to hear if u love the old me," wrote Trippie on Instagram. Already, the mixtape is racking up streams with tons of people flocking to check out some of Trippie's older music. A few songs in, you'll be able to recognize the difference in his sound.

Which do you prefer? New Trippie or Old Trippie?