Trippie Redd seems to thrive on dramatic scenarios involving women. The latest saga of the like focuses on a Youtuber's girlfriend. For some reason, the video entertainer took to social media to warn Trippie against messing with his girlfriend, a warning the rapper chose to disregard. View the clips below.

"Trippie Redd, I don't f*ck with your music cause you cry in every song," he mocks." Stop liking my bitch pics before I drop a diss track and a video on you." The dude who goes by Solluminati then mentioned Redd's ex-girlfriend, advising Trippie to go find her again rather than trying to mess with someone else's chick. "Find Ayleks. She out here being a thot thot somewhere. 6ix9ine is locked up, my n*gga." 

The "Love Scars" artist did not take heed. Soon after these videos were uploaded online, the rapper posted a picture of Solluminati's girlfriend in his IG story. He took the trolling to another level by editing the image, replacing the woman's crotch for his open mouthed-face. Trippie might be trying to flip the script that played out last year. Tekashi 6ix9ine had tried to humiliate him multiple times with Redd's ex before his imprisonment.