Kanye West manages to become a meme several times per year. 2018 has been a pretty odd time to be a Kanye fan. There have been moments where we love him and times where we hate him. His looks have been on point all year with "I Love It" pretty much taking the cake. He's been a Perrier bottle and a Roblox-inspired character and now, he's pulling some wild dance moves during a performance.

His joint show with Kid Cudi at Camp Flog Gnaw was noteworthy as it marked the first time both artists got on stage together since the release of their album. Kids See Ghosts was considered one of the most anticipated projects of the year and for many, it lived up to expectations. Kanye managed to find himself in meme territory yet again as he danced inside the glass box, which has been critiqued by Lorde. His wild and completely visceral dance moves have become a "mood" to many, including Trippie Redd who is now trying to recreate the trend.

The rapper posted a video of himself pulling similar moves next to a blue Ferrari, making his display a little more flex-worthy. He's rocking fluffy slippers and, because of them, he nearly fell on his back during the video. He managed to catch himself though.

The real question is: who did it better? My vote is for Kanye, based solely on how spontaneous this all seemed.