Tristan Thompson had an interesting season in the NBA as he bounced around multiple teams. After starting the year in Sacramento, he eventually went to the Indiana Pacers for a very brief period of time. From there, he was traded to the Chicago Bulls where he was able to finish out the season.

Needless to say, it was a very stressful time for Thompson who didn't exactly have a ton of clarity as to where he was going to go this season. Now, he can sit back and relax and just wait for next season, where he looks to bounce back and have some consistency as far as NBA destinations are concerned.

Tristan Thompson

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

According to TMZ, Thompson's offseason has taken him to Las Vegas, where over the weekend, he got to go to Marquee Nightclub where he was accompanied by a friend and two women. In the video below, one of the women was dancing on Thompson throughout the night and it seemed like they were getting pretty close. Thompson could be seen grabbing her waist at various points, all while whispering in her ear.

Of course, Thompson and Khloe Kardashian are no longer together, so it's not like this latest endeavor is going to get him into any trouble with the Kardashians. 

Hopefully, Thompson can find continued success with the Bulls this season as they look to get back on track following last season's hot start.