After all the drama that took place when Tristan Thompson was caught cheating on his girlfriend Khloé Kardashian with numerous women, we've got to say we're surprised he's even daring to enter her comments section. You would think that the Canadian hooper would be more vigilant given her strong fanbase, opting to send a direct message or a text instead. Still though, he's falling for her thirst traps like the good ole' days, sliding in with a flurry of emojis and reassuring his ex-girlfriend that he's still got a thing for her.

Posting a photo of herself in the car wearing a nice pair of sunglasses, Khloé may not have been expecting a remark from the man who once betrayed her by kissing her sister's best friend. Appearing in her inbox, Tristan reminded the reality star that his eyes are still wide open for her, sharing a trio of heart emojis and facing the backlash that the fans would soon retaliate with.

This is not the first time Thompson has gotten flack for commenting on one of Khloé's photos. At the end of last month, the exact same thing happened with Kardashian supporters coming for the basketball player with their pitchforks sharpened. Should Tristan be getting flamed for talking to his ex this way or are people just overreacting?