Lil Duval came through Twitter with an interesting question, asking people how they would feel about their significant other having sex with Drake if it meant that the rapper would hop on a record with them. He started a poll, offering two options for answers: "He can run thru her" and "No can do". The overwhelming majority of people stated that they would not let Drake have a night with their wives, despite the guaranteed feature. About 31% of people would, however, take the deal.

Atlanta rapper Trouble is supposedly one of those people.

The poll was re-posted by SayCheeseTV, which Trouble caught on his timeline. Apparently, he would be more than willing to let his wife have sex with Drake for another feature with the rapper, who he worked with on "Bring It Back".

"Why not ? They gon fukk em for free anyway if he slide in her DM," responded Trouble to the controversial question. "Yall soft azz n***az dont reply to me eitha. You’ll neva undastand ah street n***a mental #OnLord."

Are you part of the majority or would you also let Drake spend some quality time with your partner for a feature?

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

In other Drake news, which is just as weird, the Toronto native is preparing to sell $80 candles to the general public, including one that reportedly smells like him.