On May 26, Troy Ave was arrested in a Manhattan hospital, where he was being treated for gunshot wounds, after he was caught firing a gun on surveillance footage that had been taken the night before during a T.I. concert at the downtown venue Irving Plaza. Multiple shots were fired backstage, and the one casualty of the shooting was Troy's longtime friend and bodyguard Ronald McPhatter aka B$B Banga. Troy was seen on camera entering a backstage room and shooting his pistol, though it was unclear whom he was aiming at and whether or not he was the first to open fire. He was arrested on charges of attempted murder and weapons possession.

On June 20, it was reported that Troy was indicted on a total of five felonies relating to the Irving Plaza shooting, though the grand jury decided not to indict him for the murder of McPhatter, thus absolving him of a potential first-degree murder charge. After over six weeks at Rikers Island, Troy has finally been released on $500,000 bail. 

Now that he's out, New York authorities have already placed numerous stipulations upon the Brooklyn rapper. He has been given an 11pm curfew, and he is not permitted to "attend, visit or enter clubs, bars, arenas, stadiums or the like." He is confined to the five boroughs of NYC, and he must wear and pay for an ankle bracelet at all times. 

Police are still trying to discover who fired the bullet that killed McPhatter. 

While he was locked up, Troy Ave dropped a mixtape, which has now proven to be a relatively successful initiative. Listen to Free Troy Ave here