A few days ago, Troy Ave aka Nupac paid his respect to Ronald McPhatter's mother over Instagram and apologized for dragging his slain bodyguard over the media. As reported by DNAinfo, his mea culpa -- as sincere as it might have been -- was met with derision by the McPhatters.

"How was my mother supposed to see that when she doesn't have Instagram?" Ronald's sister Jamie Albert asked rhetorically.

She and her mother Rosetta McPhatter want Dope Boy Troy to apologize in person. In a now notorious The Breakfast Club interview, the rapper accused them of "coming out of the woodwork" requesting money.

He also claimed the grieving family prevented him from organizing a grandiose funeral for his friend. He wanted to organize a procession through the streets of Brooklyn in a horse-drawn carriage and bury him near a Popeye's restaurant where they used to eat. However, Albert said Troy only seeks to exploit her brother's death. Her mother agrees and believes Troy is responsible for putting her son in lethal danger.

"I believe he had no other choice but to respond that way, especially after he bashed my family," McPhatter's mother said Monday. "If he was sincere I think he would have tried to reach out directly. I would like to speak to him, because he could resolve a lot of mysteries I have about my son’s death."

Troy said in his online apology that he would like to pay for a headstone. McPhatter was buried in North Carolina, far away from all publicity.

"If my mother agrees to take money from you for the headstone, I don't want you to ever mention it in public again," Albert said. "You should do this because it’s right, not for publicity. If you have an apology for my mom, make it personal, not something for the media."

Check out Troy Ave's apology on his IG feed.