According to a high-ranking Trump Administration official, Billie Eilish, and several other celebrities, are "destroying the country and everything we care about". 

A new report by The Washington Post discusses the $250 million advertising contract that leaked, originally intended to "defeat despair and inspire hope" among Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic. As Trump and his administration considered celebrities to include in the campaign, they also tore down several stars that have historically not been aligned with Trump and his views.

People like Judd Apatow, Jennifer Lopez, and others were all considered but, because of their past criticism of the President, they did not make the final cut. The leaked documents also show that Billie Eilish, who has endorsed Joe Biden for President, was specially picked on.

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The pop star was described as "not a Trump supporter" and, according to the Trump admin, she is "destroying our country and everything we care about". 

Wouldn't that be you, Mr. President?

The report notes that 274 celebrities were considered for the campaign, which never ran and remains under review. 

Only ten PSAs were approved by the administration, including from Dr. Oz and Dennis Quaid, but they never went live.

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Billie Eilish recently returned to the stage with her Where Do We Go? The Livestream event, which took place last week.

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