Leave it to Lil Pump to endorse Donald Trump just days before the presidential election. Not that it's necessary surprising but Pump did agree with 50 Cent's take on the tax hike Biden would offer. "Aye, all I gotta say is Trump 2020, bitch," Pump said on his Instagram Story. "F*ck I look like paying extra 33% in taxes with Biden, bitch ass n***a. Fuck Sleepy Joe, n***a. Trump 2020."

Pump later doubled down, sharing a photoshopped image of himself and Donald Trump shaking hands on his Instagram page as he faced even more criticism for his support of Donald Trump. However, he did find himself embraced by a new demographic -- the Republicans. Or atleast, the Trump-supporting Republicans. Katrina Pierson, a Trump campaign staffer, shared Akademiks post of Pump's endorsement as she threw shade at Joe Biden as if Lil Pump has released anything worth listening to in the past two years.

"I wonder if Joe Biden thinks lil Pump is a Chump?" She tweeted, adding, "#Trump2020Baby."

Pierson has evidently been keeping tabs on what's been going on in hip-hop as the Trump campaign has continued to try and win over more Black voters. She later sent out another tweet of an avatar dancing to "Gucci Gang." Perhaps because that's the only song she knows of Pump's, captioning the post, "When Lil Pump says he's on the #TrumpTrain."

Pierson was the staffer who announced Ice Cube's involvement in developing the Platinum Plan. In a recent interview with Hot 97, Ice Cube admitted that he told Trump's staff they wouldn't believe that he was involved unless they confirmed it. This prompted Pierson's tweet which Cube later described as "shady." Cube also stated in the same interview that he's still an undecided voter. Meanwhile, 50 Cent has officially said, "F*ck Donald Trump" as a second shot at love with Chelsea Handler.