Once again, President Donald Trump has found his star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame defaced. Throughout his entire tenure as President of the United States, the backlash against Trump has been heavy. Still, he takes it all in stride and continues to insist that he's the greatest president to ever hold the coveted office. The businessman shifted his career from the boardroom to the Tinsel Town and has been a regular fixture in films, television shows, and even with his own reality series, and people have been using Trump's star on Hollywood Walk of Fame as an outlet for their frustrations against America's leader.

Donald Trump Hollywood Walk of Fame Star
Vince Bucci / Stringer / Getty Images

We've seen people build a tiny wall around the star during the height of Trump's criticisms over his plans to create a border wall between the United States and Mexico. We also watched as the star was repaired multiple times following a person smashing it to bits with a hammer and another with a pickax. There have been instances where Trump's name was crossed out and images of genitalia drawn over or near his moniker. On Monday (June 8), it was reported that Trump's Walk of Fame star was once again vandalized—and this time it was painted black.

Alongside the blackened Walk of Fame star were the letters "BLM" for Black Lives Matter, as well as the word "b*tch." To top things off, someone left a small bag of dog poop in the middle of the star. We're sure that Hollywood will replace this one, once again, in no time Check it out below.